The Rise of Smart Homes in West Palm Beach: A Look at the Latest Tech Trends

The Rise of Smart Homes in West Palm Beach: A Look at the Latest Tech Trends

  • The Drahan-Keiser Team
  • 09/30/23

West Palm Beach is an iconic city in Palm Beach County known for its glittering beaches, unparalleled nightlife, and legendary waterfront events. West Palm Beach real estate is among the most high-demand real estate on the Atlantic coast, from the high-rise luxury condos to the glorious suburban estates.

Homes in West Palm Beach are also among the most high-tech homes in the luxury real estate market, with smart home features taking center stage when it comes to popular upgrades that add value to each property. This blog will guide you through the latest smart home trends of West Palm Beach.

Smart home upgrades explained

What is a smart home, and how can a West Palm Beach home be transformed into a smart home? Smart home technology wirelessly operates, either through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal. This makes it possible to take control of a home's electronic features through voice control and mobile apps. Automated smart home features integrate with virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, adding high-tech luxury to any space. You can enhance your West Palm Beach house or condo with intelligent features that amplify security, control, and overall living experience.

Of the many smart home gadgets available, West Palm Beach's latest tech trends focus on nine important smart home upgrades:

1) Smart thermostat with temperature routines

Smart home thermostats were the first major smart home upgrade to take the real estate market by storm, and they are still a must-have for smart home design. Smart thermostats are the evolution of programmable thermostats, with the addition of mobile app control, voice control, and smart home routines.

Wireless control makes it possible to adjust thermostat settings, without walking to the panel or pressing buttons. Routines allow you to customize thermostat settings based on personal preferences, times of day, and even triggers, such as detecting your phone coming home. A smart thermostat can be installed easily as a replacement for an old thermostat and can be programmed to reduce your overall electricity use while still optimizing comfort.

2) Smart light bulbs and ambient lighting

Smart lights take control of a home's ambiance. With modern smart lights, you can adjust brightness levels and the color of the light. Other options, such as smart light bulbs, minimize the need for new fixtures, but they don't work well with enclosed covers or dimmer switches. You can also use LED smart light strips to create ambient lighting in the form of trough lights behind your crown molding, runway lights below the toe kick around cabinetry, and shelf lighting, illuminating shelves and countertops from above with a soft and color-setting glow.

3) Smart-mode wall buttons

Smart wall buttons are a luxury home upgrade that can be programmed to align with specific routines. For example, you might have a four-button panel with programmable modes for lighting, music, and locking doors, with modes such as "Morning," "Movie Time," or "Bedtime.”

4) Smart or Bluetooth speakers

Having a whole-home audio system is a luxury upgrade that perfectly suits the lifestyle of West Palm Beach. If you want chill jazz with your bath, podcasts while you cook dinner, rock while you clean, or whole-home parties, installing smart or Bluetooth speakers are the ideal home upgrade. By placing smart speakers in every room, you can create a household intercom or sound system and connect it to your smart home system of choice.

On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers integrate more smoothly with any smart home system that might be chosen by the next residents of the house.

5) Video doorbells and security cameras

There's no denying that Ring doorbells have become wildly popular. They make it incredibly convenient to see who is at your door and greet them with a Wi-Fi intercom. Video doorbells double as security cameras, pairing perfectly with a Wi-Fi security camera system watching every exterior corner of your home.

Smart security cameras can be monitored through a mobile app from anywhere, meaning you can watch your house when you're at work, on vacation, or just waiting for a package while at home.

Paired with an AI security camera program, you can even identify human figures, tree movements, and neighborhood animals as different security events.

6) Smart locks and garage door openers

Smart home locks are clearly a practical upgrade. The Wi-Fi control allows you to lock your house with a voice command or a tap on your phone whether you're in bed or at work. You can also unlock the door for expected guests, without needing to answer the door personally.

Keypad locks are the best type of smart home lock. Using a keypad, each family member can be assigned a unique code to track their arrival times. You can also give guests custom codes that expire and set up time-restricted codes for home services. The same is true for garage door openers. You can connect the garage door to your car's virtual assistant and also put a keypad outside the garage for family or visitors who walk up to your home.

7) Smart kitchen and comfort appliances

There are also many fantastic home appliances with smart home integration. Smart fridges can help track your grocery list. Smart ovens can tell you when your cake is done. Smart fans and air filters can help maintain the perfect air quality inside the house. Use the design of your West Palm Beach home to determine the best place to install smart appliances to enhance the residential experience and ambiance.

8) Tablet mounting and IR charging pads

Another luxury smart home feature is unique mounting points throughout the home. Strong magnetic wall-mounting pads make it easy to assign tablets for smart home control and charging. You can use the same technology to enhance your countertops, half-walls, and built-in shelves with IR charging pads where the family can charge phones conveniently around the home, without fumbling for USB cables.

9) Smart mirrors for the vanity or home gym

If you're living in West Palm Beach and looking to upgrade your smart home, consider adding a smart mirror to your bathroom or gym. Smart mirrors are the latest in luxury smart home technology, presenting a range of apps from daily planners to personal trainers. They can set your property apart, even as many homes upgrade with smart features.

Discover West Palm Beach smart homes with the Drahan Keiser Team

Living in West Palm Beach should embody a life of luxury. Smart homes provide the latest in luxurious convenience, from a thermostat that adapts to your personal comfort to mirrors that help you live your best life. If you're excited about finding or upgrading to a dream home in West Palm Beach, The Drahan-Keiser Team can help. Contact us today and embrace a futuristic lifestyle in West Palm Beach real estate.

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