West Palm Beach Real Estate for Retirees: What to Look for in a Retirement Community

West Palm Beach Real Estate for Retirees: What to Look for in a Retirement Community

  • The Drahan-Keiser Team
  • 07/13/23

West Palm Beach, Florida, is an upscale city in South Florida on the east coast. The city supports many lifestyles and hobbies and is home to numerous attractions like the Palm Beach Zoo, Grassy Waters Preserve, and the Norton Museum of Art. It is an ideal destination to enjoy the sandy beaches, parks, and water activities. With a thriving downtown scene, West Palm Beach is a center of culture and entertainment.

Retirement communities are popular in West Palm Beach for good reason. The warm weather and beautiful scenery make it an ideal place for retirees to enjoy their golden years. Many communities offer luxury amenities and services such as golf courses, fitness centers, and social events, which make it easy for retirees to meet and interact with new people.

What is a retirement community?

Retirement is exciting, especially when considering where to live and your newfound freedom. Retirement communities provide a supportive and social environment for active older adults. These communities often offer amenities such as exercise facilities, social clubs, and onsite healthcare professionals. Many retirement communities, commonly over age 55, have age restrictions to create a unique environment for older adults looking for luxury, privacy, and tranquility.

Types of retirement communities

Retirement communities come in various types, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. Active adult retirement communities, for example, are ideal for older adults who are still physically fit and lead active lives. Continuing care retirement communities cater to older adults with varying healthcare needs, from independent living to skilled nursing care.

How to find the right community for you

Finding the right retirement community is important and requires research and evaluation. Start by assessing your lifestyle and needs, such as physical activity or healthcare requirements. You can research different retirement communities online and visit potential communities to understand the environment and amenities offered. Some communities offer trial stays, which can provide a firsthand experience of daily life in the community. Ask questions and speak to current residents to gain insight into their experiences. Here’s what to look for in a community:

Study the surrounding area to find the best location

When choosing a retirement community, one important aspect is its location and surrounding area. After all, you want to ensure the community is convenient for your needs. For instance, some retirees may prefer a retirement community near shopping centers or public transportation. Others may opt for a location near recreational activities like golf courses, hiking trails, or beaches.

See if medical care is available onsite

Many retirement communities have healthcare professionals on staff or on call 24/7 for any medical needs that may arise. Easy access to medical care can provide peace of mind for residents. Some communities may also have specialized services like onsite physical or occupational therapy to help adults struggling with arthritis or other alignments. Quality healthcare services ensure retirement residents can stay active and enjoy their lifestyle.

Focus on the details like accessibility

As older adults consider transitioning to retirement communities, accessibility is essential. It is important to ensure that the community is designed to be easily navigable, with features like well-lit pathways, handrails, and wheelchair ramps. Additionally, residents with mobility challenges should be assured that the community is equipped to handle their needs, with accessible transportation and housing accommodations. These measures help residents enjoy the community’s amenities and easily maintain independence. It may seem trivial, but a community with many steps and inclines can be challenging as adults age, and this detail can impact the quality of life.

A home style to fit your preferences

When looking at retirement communities, one key factor to consider is the housing style. Some retirement communities offer single-family homes or duplexes, while others provide apartments. Each type of housing has its unique advantages. Single-family homes may offer more privacy and outdoor space, while apartment-style living can provide more amenities like housekeeping and dining services and less maintenance.

Community amenities and recreation

Finding the right amenities and recreational opportunities can make all the difference when searching for a retirement home. Look for communities that offer the activities you enjoy: a fitness center, swimming pool, or book club. Many retirement communities also provide social events and outings, like movie nights or group travels. Engaging in activities and events with peers can help keep older adults socially connected and active, promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Dining options

While residences have kitchens, some communities also offer onsite restaurants with chef-prepared meals and room service, while others may have communal dining rooms. Consider your preferences for dining and whether a community’s options would accommodate your needs. Research flexible dining options, so you can choose when and where to eat based on your schedule and desires.

Long-term viability

When considering a retirement community, looking beyond the present and considering its long-term viability is necessary. This includes examining the community’s finances, management structure, and future expansion plans. Choosing a financially stable community with a strong management team can ensure that the community will continue to thrive for years to come.

Understanding the community’s plans for future expansion or development can give residents confidence, knowing their needs will continue to be met. You should also consider your long-term goals for retirement. For example, should you plan to travel extensively, it may be wise to choose a maintenance-free home, or if you want to invest in a boat, you will want to look for a community near a marina.

Learn more about retirement communities in West Palm Beach

If you are considering a retirement community but feeling overwhelmed by the options, enlisting the help of a real estate agent can make the process much smoother. An experienced agent will have accurate details about various communities and homes for sale in West Palm Beach and can help match your needs and preferences to the right property. With the help of a skilled agent, you can find your perfect retirement home and start enjoying all the benefits of the community.

The Drahan-Keiser Team is a West Palm Beach real estate team dedicated to client satisfaction and professional services. Get in touch with them today to learn about the city and find luxury homes in the top retirement communities.

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